Student File – Progress Monitoring

Use the Student File: Progress Monitoring screen to begin new Progress Monitoring assessments and review student results for every completed measure. The application recommends progress monitoring measures based on the student’s prior performance. These recommendations are provided merely as guides; teachers may choose to administer any available measure to check student performance in the corresponding skill.

Access the Progress Monitoring screen by tapping Progress Monitoring on the Student File. Select a measure from the list at the top of the screen; measures recommended specifically for the student are annotated.

        A thermometer icon indicates a Benchmark assessment.

        Tap any result to view that measure's Results screen.

        NWF results display in two columns: Correct Letter Sounds (CLS) and Whole Words Read (WWR).

        DORF results display in three columns: Fluency, Accuracy, and Retell.

        Tap Assess to start a Progress Monitoring assessment.

        Tap Student to return to the Student File.