Daze Assessment

Daze is the only mCLASS:DIBELS Next measure not assessed with a mobile device. Administer Daze to your entire class using the correct form for the grade and time of year.

Ask your students to read the Daze passage silently and circle their word choices. The student receives credit for selecting the words that best fit the omitted words in the reading passage.


To administer Daze:

  • Ensure students have pencils and write their names on the booklets before beginning.

  • Use the Scoring Key to read directions aloud verbatim.

  • Allow 30 seconds for students to complete two practice items. Then review practice items.

  • Set timer for 3 minutes.

  • Start timer after you say, "Begin."

  • Score worksheets and enter results without students present.

Scoring a Daze Passage

When scoring a Daze passage, you are asked to tally both the correct and incorrect responses. Enter Benchmark results on the Class Summary: Time of Year tab or enter Progress Monitoring results on the Student Summary page of the Amplify home page. Fields are provided for entering the total correct and total incorrect responses. The student receives 1 point for each correct word, minus half a point for each incorrect word.


If the student did not finish reading the passage, do not count empty boxes after the student's final response as incorrect.