The mCLASS:DIBELS page displays a directory of featured reports built from your students' mCLASS:DIBELS assessment data.


If you are unfamiliar with the DIBELS assessment, its scoring, and its instructional recommendations, please read the information in the rest of this help topic.



Clicking a measure name takes you to a description of the measure, including a breakdown of risk levels for each grade and time of year the measure is assessed.



Reports also include assessment data for Progress Monitoring probes, even those not corresponding to the critical skill associated with a specific grade level and time of year.


Instructional Recommendations

Students who have completed all the required mCLASS:DIBELS measures for their grade level and time of year are assigned an instructional recommendation based on their performance on the completed measures.


To review a technical report explaining the decision rules for Instructional Recommendations compiled by the DIBELS authors, click here.

DIBELS® was developed by Dynamic Measurement Group, Inc.